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Welcome to Reverie Kitchen!
Welcome to Reverie Kitchen! We are a family-run, independent restaurant offering  quality, fresh gourmet dining in a comfortable, contemporary setting.  We offer a great place to meet, eat and socialize and enjoy homemade soups,
lite bites, salads, sandwiches, Artisan chocolates, gelato and magical desserts.

             "Our quality is the result of complete focus, passionate effort,
                   intelligent direction and skillful execution"

      Bon Appetit! 
       Chef Paul Andrew

Premium Ingredients
We source only the best in local,
fresh and quality ingredients
Premium Service
Our service team is C.I.A. and Harvard graduates committed to excellence in cuisine and exceptional service
Premium Drinks
A quality, whimsical variety of beer,
wine and classic beverages
Reverie Kitchen Specials
Chef recommendations
  1. Chocolate Fondue
    Chocolate Fondue
  2. Chocolate Torte
    Chocolate Torte
  3. Chocolate Truffles
    Chocolate Truffles